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Rachel Rendell Healer & Psychic Medium

Rachel Rendell - Healer and Psychic Medium - Plymouth, Devon.
I am a Seichem Reiki Master living in Plymouth and was attuned to Reiki and qualified as a Crystal Healer in 2003. I offer Psychic Readings, Reiki Healing, Seichem Healing, Seichem Reiki Attunements, I run several development and meditation groups and give Clairvoyant Demonstrations in and around Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.

For clients unable to visit me in Plymouth, I offer healing and psychic readings worldwide via telephone, email, Facetime, and Skype.

When giving healing I work on all levels, physical & emotional alike, clearing blockages and re-aligning the Chakras. I work very much with my intuition as I believe that just like each and every one of us has our own unique energy, so crystals have their own. So, whereas Rose Quartz could be helpful for clearing love-hurts for one person it could be helping another person to build their self-esteem.
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I work from my therapy room in Plymstock giving Psychic readings, Reiki and Crystal Healing and facilitating various groups and workshops on weekdays and weekends.

Plymstock is on the east bank of the river Plym and is on the edge of the South Hams. Beautiful Dartmoor and the beaches of Wembury and Bovisand are close by.
Frequent buses connect most areas of Plymstock with routes across the city linking with the railway station and Derriford hospital. There is a water-taxi linking Mountbatten with Plymouth Barbican so there is plenty to see and do.

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  • Personal readings available in Plymstock, Plymouth.
  • Telephone readings.(Please call first to arrange a time for your reading.)
  • Email readings. (Order online from shop page)

Call 01752 402117 or 07887766576 to book a reading. Click here for more details


  • Meditation group
  • Development circle
  • Spiritual chat group

Group details


Crystal workshops and meditation workshops are regularly run in Plymstock.

Usually run 10-4pm on Saturdays or Sundays.

Workshop details and dates


  • Reiki healing
  • Crystal healing

Healing details

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Rachel on YouTube

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me for meditations, information, and more.

Click below to watch my videos.

Rachel Rendell - Watch guided meditations on YouTube
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Why not make a weekend of it?

Visit Buckfast Abbey and absorb the beauty, peace and stillness of this beautiful home of the benedictine monks.

Explore Britain’s Ocean City where there is so much to see and do, from the Hoe to the Elizabethan gardens or the Aquarium.

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An evening of clairvoyance

I am available to book for an evening of Clairvoyance.
In a clairvoyant demonstration I link with friends and loved ones of those in the audience. I give clear messages, helping people to become aware of the options and general direction they could take in their lives. A demonstration lasts about two hours. I cannot get around to everyone but even those that do not get a message have a good evening. I do not have a microphone so bear this in mind if you have larger function rooms.
Get in touch for more details or to discuss my fee for an evening.

All readings and healing sessions are confidential.

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My wife was thrilled …

My wife was thrilled with her reading, thank you for helping me make her birthday a special one, she says it is almost certainly the best present I have ever given her.

My meeting with Rachel…

My meeting with Rachel was so much more than I expected. I had never consulted with a medium or psychic healer before and I would recommend Rachel to everyone.
Rachel has such an amazing gift. I would recommend her with no hesitation. Having a reading with Rachel was truly amazing. If I could get all my girlfriends to see her I would. Rachel is incredibly kind and very gifted.

Truly wonderful

I received an email reading from Rachel as I’m a little too far away for a face to face reading. The entire email was beautifully written and put the biggest smile on my face. I’ve never had an email make me feel so at peace. Rachel is a truly talented woman and a very kind spirit. Thank you xx

Thank you…

Thank you Rachel for the amazing readings today. You have made two ladies very happy!

Hi Rachel…

Hi Rachel Just wanted to say I really loved doing your crystal workshop this weekend, I learnt so much and benefited hugely from it, Im glad that Ive met you and discovered how much I love this side of life. Thank you xxx

Thank you Rachel…

I am respectful but very difficult to convince.
I have been booking in for reiki and readings with Rachel for 3 years now.
To enter her immaculate, peaceful private, silent home is like entering a space to receive the highest intention of concentration and the most astonishing gift from Rachel as she humbly imparts her efforts making you feel like her only client. Rachel’s energy and presence is of pure simple giving with no ego. In readings she is staggeringly accurate, precise, succinct time and time again. In reiki she just knows exactly how and where you hurt whether it be emotionally, physically or psychologically. She finds the balance between being completely professional and yet caring towards you.
What a wonder and how lucky are we to have her skill in our home county. If the media ever got hold of her she would be too in demand for us here!
Thank you Rachel for your knowledge, unassuming healing and for my messages from those in spirit handled so delicately by you that I have held close and dear to me.
If you are lucky enough to get in to see Rachel the wait will be the most worthy one.

100% the real deal

100% the real deal. Rachel gave me a fantastic reading and told me things only I knew! I will be coming back for more x.

Rachel you have not only inspired me…

Rachel you have not only inspired me but also uplifted me. My session with you left me feeling like I could face the world head on and deal with whatever comes my way. I will be coming to see you again as soon as I can xxx

I had my 1st reading today…

I had my 1st reading today and was just amazed at the detail Rachel shared with me. Only things I knew… A very warm and gifted lady. I will be back xx

Just wanted to say…

Just wanted to say “thank you” for a lovely reading last night. I feel
re-assured and more confident in what I am doing with my life and I
have a new enthusiasm for my spiritual life.

A Blessing

Rachel had guided me and made a difference in my life. Its truly wonderful and blessing to have people like her on earth, to help others like me. She is an amazing person and very genuine. Thank you my Master. Love and Light

It is an honour…

It is an honour to have met you.  You are a truly gifted and beautiful person, take care Rachel and I am hopeful our paths will cross again.

You are…

You are a very special person and I feel privileged to have met you.

A wonderful genuine lady – A pleasure to deal with

I have used Rachel services a few times and she is always a pleasure to deal with. She has a gentle way about her and you feel at ease without even talking to her. I highly recommend her services and don’t hesitate in seeking her services, I am sure you will feel better after.

An amazing Healer

I have visited Rachel on many occasions and can honestly say that she has had a truly positive impact on my life. I always feel safe, listened to and supported. The healing she offers is a very nurturing experience working on deep levels. Readings that she has given me have been honest and information she gave to me only I knew – amazing! Would highly recommend. Thank you Rachel for sharing your unique amazing gifts xx

Rachel is amazing!

I am going through tough time in my life right now. I was looking for help and guidance. I ordered an email reading from her. She told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to.. Rachel also gave guidance and hope for a better future. I am extremely happy with the reading and grateful I found Rachel. I will recommend her to everyone I know.

I came to Rachel because…

I came to Rachel because I really felt like I needed more clarity in my life that I just wasn’t getting. I had been through some very painful experiences and was at a ‘life impasse’ and was hoping she could help me. She connected with family members of mine and the messages I received were extremely helpful and relieving. I felt SO much lighter after seeing her and it was exactly what I needed. It was a really wonderful experience and I would do it every week if I could. Go see Rachel!

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Love and Light


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