Using Crystals in a simple grid layout is a powerful tool to connect you with their energy and manifest the things you want into your life. Your intention is a powerful thing and when you grid with crystals you are putting out a clear intention as to what you want.

In this grid I have used the flower of life as a background but you don’t have to use a background, you can make up your own geometric shapes as you lay the crystals down. Just go with the flow and see what you create.

In the middle I have placed an Apophyllite.
Apophyllite helps you feel the spiritual connection, whilst keeping your awareness on a physical level.

Four Rose Quartz are placed around the Apophyllite to generate the loving energy that is going to be sent your way.

On the outside of the grid I have placed four Citrine tumbles to bring an abundance of that love to you.

The four Clear Quartz points direct the energy into the centre and send the energy your way.

All of the above Crystals are available on my website. Click here to see more. 

I hope you enjoy working with the energy of Crystal Grids.

Love and Crystal Blessings

abundance of love grid 1 Rachel Rendell