Have you ever really stopped to think about the effect you have on those around you?


Our moods can have an effect on others, take for example an office full of people working closely together, you have one person that is fed up and feeling really negative, moaning and groaning and creating a bad heavy feeling. What do those around him generally do? They join in and start moaning and groaning, therefore changing their moods and so it goes on until you find yourself working in a really negative environment.


It works the same way if you find yourself around a positive person, buzzing with life and enthusiasm, you would find yourself feeling more driven and wanting to get on with the job in hand. You would never find a football coach, training instructor or life coach concentrating on the negative things, I don’t think they would keep their jobs long.


So, why am I talking about this?


Well, why not look and see how many of your thoughts are negative and try changing the thoughts straight away to positve ones. Do the same with the people in your life that are being negative, just point out to them how they could change their point of view to a positive one or at least change their outlook to positive if they feel they can’t change their situation immediately.


We all naturally have the ability to help each other to be positive, we just get so wrapped up in a negative downward spiral sometimes that we fail to see when we are doing it.


I bet all of you can remember at some stage saying to a mate after a break up ” come on mate, there are plenty other fish in the sea” and reassuring them that they will soon be feeling better and happier.


So why not try consciously helping yourself and others around you and see how it changes the things that flow in and out if your life.


I did and my life is the best it has ever been because I constantly check my thoughts and instantly change the negative to positive. That said it is not always easy but after you have been doing it for a while it becomes second nature.


Stay positive, it works.


Love and Light