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All of these forms of healing work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances alike.


Crystal healing

A crystal healing session usually lasts about one hour, (although for the first consultation an hour and a half should be allowed.) The client remains fully clothed and lays on the couch, then using my intuition I choose crystals and place them on various places on and around the body. I then use my pendulum to release areas of tension and dis-ease. I may place my hands on certain areas on and around the body. The client usually feels an intense feeling of calm and maybe warmth and tingling as the crystals work with the body, helping to realign the body’s energies.


Rachel Rendell S.A.C.DipA Reiki healing session usually lasts about one hour, (although for the first consultation an hour and a half  should be allowed.) The client remains fully clothed and lays on the couch, then I tune in to the universal life force energy called Reiki to channel the energy through the palms of my hands, to the parts of the body where it is needed. The client may feel warm, sleepy and relaxed and enveloped in Love.


Seichem healing

Seichem Healing is an Ancient Eygptian therapy which helps to release deep emotional blocks in a gentle controlled manner. I place my hands on and around your body and linking with your higher self I gently release what you are ready to let go of. As with Reiki the client remains fully clothed and seated or laying down on the couch. After a session many people feel lighter, relaxed and calm. I offer sixty minute, ninety minute or two hour sessions.




Reiki, Seichem and Crystal Healing are £38.00 per session

I also offer a combination of healing with a reading. 1½ hrs £59 or 2 hrs £79

I am committed to offering a good range of appointment times and care about how long clients are waiting for an appointment. When a client cancels without giving prior notice they prevent another client from being seen.
I therefore have a 48 hour cancellation policy where by any client wanting to cancel an appointment must do so within 48 hours of their appointment time. Cancellations made in less than a 48 hour period will be charged in full. Also if you fail to present for your appointment a full charge will be made.
I am very understanding and any first time cancellation will be discussed with the client as to the circumstances and the charge possibly waived.

For more information:
Tel: 01752 402117
Mob: 07887 766576



Throughout lockdown all of my sessions have been via video link but I have just started to open up to clients who really don’t want their session remotely and am happy to see them face to face, I am keeping appointments to a minimum, so if they can be done remotely I appreciate people going for that.
I am on Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook or of course telephone.

For face to face appointments I have a number of measures in place to keep everyone safe.

I ask that a face mask is worn when coming along, I can supply you with one if you don’t have one of your own. I will also be wearing a face shield as well as a mask.

To keep everyone safe I will be prompt with your session time. Please arrive on time.

On arrival for your appointment there is hand sanitiser by the entrance which I ask you to use as you come in, (and go if you wish).

I have been advised to have ventilation in the room so the window will be open. The road can be noisy at times so if you feel this will be a problem, remember all my appointments can be carried out remotely.

I would like to reassure you that I am being extra careful to wash my hands before your session and to cleanse my couch between clients.

Also I won’t be standing over your head or touching your face, so my hand positions will be different from usual.

I ask that you contact me prior to your appointment if you are experiencing symptoms or have been around someone who is in the last 14 days, we can move your appointment to be carried out remotely if needs be. I will also contact you if I present with symptoms or have been with someone who has.

If the WC needs to be used it will be cleaned between clients and there are disposable hand towels.
Thank you for your patience and understanding



Love and Light




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