I always tell my clients to be aware of the signs when they are given, and more importantly to act upon them. 

For three years I had been getting messages from the universe that my readings were priced too low (even clients would tell me this) and in the process I was not respecting or honouring myself.
I always had the conversation with my spirit guide “what about pricing out those who can’t afford it?” and he always replied “let the universe be in control of that”.
But still that was my reason for not charging what I knew in my heart it should be. 

It was so hard for me to honour and love myself but for four months I had been repeatedly saying affirmations which were changing the way I thought and felt, and I could feel my way of thinking about myself slowly changing.
In April 2022 I had an accident which the following day sent my body into shock and I was very poorly.
Over a three day period I was immersed in love from spirit as I worked closely with the angels and my inner child.
I had lots of revelations about how I lived my life and I felt myself knowing in my heart what needed to change.
I was once again shown that my readings didn’t reflect balance so I made the decision to make that change.
As I have a four month waiting list I couldn’t implement it immediately but I had made the decision within. 

I know how much time and love I put into being the best channel I can for people coming to me for readings, and I finally feel an inner peace knowing I will be honouring myself in the process.