For many years now I have used natural products which don’t harm animals or our environment. It has always been a natural choice for me & I had not thought of sharing how my partner Rich and I live our lives until I had family come to stay & they said how inspired they were by the products throughout our home. So here goes, I am going to share a bit of how we live our lives.
In the bathroom we use 100% recycled toilet paper.
To save on single use plastic we refill our paraben free body wash & shampoo bottles & very soon I intend to return to using a shampoo bar. (I am still on the look out for one which my hair likes, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear.)
Bamboo tooth brushes.
Eco friendly toilet & bathroom cleaner. Or you could make your own. I use white vinegar & bicarb down the loo. I wash the floor with lavender or tea tree essential oil as its anti bac or I use our steam cleaner.

In the kitchen all my cleaning products & washing products are eco friendly. I love Ecoleaf non bio washing powder because it comes in a paper bag. SO NO PLASTIC WASTE!
We are mindful to choose brands which use paper or cardboard packaging over plastic.
We choose compostable refuse bags where possible or at the very least recycled ones & our paper towels are 100% recycled.

For the second year running our energy provider is Octopus. We are on a super green tariff which means our home & business’s are run on 100% renewable electricity & the carbon emissions from the gas we use is offset.

If you want to sign up to Octopus as your energy provider you can follow & sign up now to save £50

Eating Organic is another great way to help the environment (and of course it is better for your health!) We are on the eleventh year of having an organic fruit and veg box delivered to our door. Nothing they sell is airfreighted and they use 70% less plastic than supermarkets and are making plans to better this.

I have been a vegan since 2002 and these days Rich eats less and less meat so when he does we can afford to make the choice organic or free range and sustainably caught fish.

I can hear you say “yes but it is so expensive to live this way” and of course you are right, it does cost more but every little change you make will help the world we live in and these days it is a natural choice for us so we no longer think about the cost.

The more of us who choose to live this way the cheaper it will become. I would love to see organic and paraben free the norm.

So what changes have you made or do you want to make? I would love to hear from you.
Or feel free to ask any questions if you want to know what I have found works best over the years.

Love and Light