I can remember, as a child, how my heart went out to children who were teased and taunted by others and how I wished their pain would go away. I would make sure I spoke to those children and tried to make them feel accepted, even if I were then teased by the bully’s. Somehow I had the ability to move from one group of friends to another and still fit in somewhere, so I could help those that were isolated from others.

Equally I can remember being a part of that bullying when I fell in with the crowd for a while, I soon learnt how wrong it felt to direct such feelings to another and I tried to make it right but I had to learn rejection as the person was hurt and not ready to accept my friendship. A valuable lesson that I remember to this day.

I have always felt from a young child that through our pain and suffering, we learn.  We also learn from watching the suffering of others.

I am sure there is not a single person, who has not felt the pain and suffering of all those affected in the war torn areas that are being covered by the media right now. It has an effect on people in different ways, stirring emotions like anger, compassion, understanding, or making them feel blessed for what they have in their lives.

So why not take a few moments today, to think about how we can learn from our own and from others suffering. Try to understand where the person / people inflicting the pain is / are coming from, what pain and suffering are they feeling to be inflicting such pain on others. Find compassion and understanding in your heart and send them love, light and healing, that they may find their way back onto the right path, enabling them to end the suffering they feel within and the suffering they cause to others.

In my experience this is the way to heal the situation because if you fuel hatred with more hatred it just keeps building, bathe the hatred in love and it dissipates. 

I hope these words are helpful in some way, I feel sure they will be as I was compelled by spirit to put pen to paper to write them today.

May I wish anyone reading this many Angel Blessings