It is so simple to make a difference to other peoples lives. You just have to reach out to them. You already do this in some way or another but you might not be aware you are doing it.

Take for instance the little old lady you walk past on your way to the shops, you give her a lovely smile, she feels the love pour from your heart as you smile at her. You might be one of the few people she has contact with today and you just made her day better.

I am sure, at some time in your life you would have sat in the doctors surgery and felt tons of empathy for another person in the waiting room. The whole time you are feeling empathy for them you are sending them healing thoughts, so next time you find yourself feeling this for somebody, consciously ask the spirit world for healing to be sent to them because this will make it even more powerful as it will have your intent behind the thoughts.

Collectively we can make a huge difference with our thoughts and intentions. Take November 11th, remembrance day. At 11am we have a minutes silence when everyone sends out their own thoughts. These thoughts of love, peace, healing and compassion collect together in the universe as positive energy. This collective energy is there to be tapped into when we are positive.

Social media now has a place in society and can be a powerful tool if used in a positive manner. Stephens Story has united so many people and helped those fighting cancer to stay positive. Those that never met Stephen were moved and donated money and it would have made people reading his story feel they wanted to help too. Here is a link if you want to donate or check out his story.

robin williams photoMore recent is the tragic passing of Robin Williams. His story has created so much positivity with people becoming aware and talking about a subject that many consider to be taboo. Many of us simply don’t understand how mental illness can consume a person. There are many giving sites out there but one close to my heart is my partners blog, here is the link so have a read and donate to Mind if you can.

I am sure there are many more examples of how we make a difference to others, so please feel free to share in the comments box below, how you make a difference to others.

Photo by HotGossipItalia cc Rachel Rendell