Why Meditate?

Well, in an increasingly busy world many see it as a route to inner calm. There are so many benefits to meditation.

It helps relieve stress as it calms the mind by sending brainwaves into the Alpha State which in turn enables the body to heal itself. Meditation is a very personal thing and can be a different experience for everyone but the end result will be the same, a feeling of deep calm and peace.

I teach meditation and one of the questions that often comes up is “how do I stop my thoughts coming?”

How indeed? …

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Meditation CD

Rachel leads you gently through this meditation where you are surrounded by a bubble of pure brilliant white light and you rise up to meet your Angel. You are left with your Angel for a while, a time when you may wish to ask your Angel questions, or for guidance.

Angel Meditation CD cover

Angel Meditation CD cover

If you would like to give meditation a try on your own, a guided meditation is a good introduction.

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Some of my meditations have been published in Soul & Spirit magazine. Click the ‘Read on’ button to read each meditation in full.

Angel Meditation:

You find yourself sitting by a lake; the mist is gently rolling across it. The air is so fresh and crisp you can feel it cleansing every cell in your body with each breath you take. Through the mist you can see a raft with a tall figure punting it towards you…

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Healing Angel Meditation:

Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the ground, and wrapping around a beautiful, clear quartz crystal. Draw the light up your roots to fill your whole body with the healing energy, balancing your chakras right up to your crown chakra, which is just above your head…

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Love and Light