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Before you begin the guided angel meditation:

It would be nice to burn some candles and cleanse the room with some incense. Use Bergamot if you want to invoke the Angels. Give them an offering of Crystals or flowers by making a small alter.
Playing some calming music.

Now you are ready to start this guided angel meditation:


Soul & Spirit magazine

Imagine roots growing from the souls of your feet deep into the ground and wrapping around a beautiful clear quartz crystal.
You draw the light up your roots and fill your whole being with that earth energy, healing and balancing your Chakras right up to your Crown Chakra just above your head.

Now imagine your arms as branches that you reach out to the universe and draw in that universal love and light. Again you draw that energy down into your Crown Chakra and feel it energising your whole body.
With a few deep breaths you expand your Aura outwards as big as you can grow it, imagining protective strands of silver wrapped vertically around you and your Aura, then horizontal strands of gold protection around that.

You find yourself sitting by a lake; the mist is gently rolling across it. The air is so fresh and crisp you can feel it cleansing every cell in your body with each breath you take.

Through the mist you can see a raft with a tall figure punting it towards you. You feel something touch your hand and you look down to see a small child, they are telling you that all is well and you are quite safe.

As you sit with the child, watching the raft coming closer you see a tall woman in robes punting the raft. It moves so silently and smoothly across the lake until it elegantly comes ashore and the tall being walks silently toward you.

She is holding a scroll that she gives you and gestures for you to unroll it.

Written on the scroll is your name and the words BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.

She asks you to follow your heart and be true to yourself always. She hands you a small box of incense and a feather, which you accept gracefully.
She asks you to cleanse your Aura with the incense and call the Angels into your life to give them the feather.
After asking the Angels to come into your life you sit quietly on the shore with the child and watch the being gently punting away across the lake. As she fades into the distance you become aware that you are back in the room, and when you are ready, open your eyes.




After this guided angel meditation you will be aware of the Angels around you.

Each time you find a feather it is a reminder that they are around.

And remember to always be true to yourself.




Love and Light