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Before you begin this guided meditation:

Light some candles and cleanse the room with incense.
Put on some calming music.

Now you are ready to start the healing angel meditation:


Soul & Spirit magazine

Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the ground, and wrapping around a beautiful, clear quartz crystal.
Draw the light up your roots to fill your whole body with the healing energy, balancing your chakras right up to your crown chakra, which is just above your head.

Next, imagine your arms as branches, reaching out into the universe and drawing in the universal love and light.
Draw this energy down into your body through your crown chakra and feel it energising your whole being.
With a few deep breaths, expand your aura outwards as far as you can grow it, above and below you, to your right and to your left, in front and behind you.

When you have grown your aura as large as you can get it you imagine protective strands of silver wrapped vertically around you and your aura and then horizontal strands of gold protection.
With your protection in place you now find yourself in a bubble of brilliant pure white light, you feel safe, warm, protected and grounded.

You become aware that you are soaking up all the light.

You feel it energising every cell of your body; until you feel that the light has soaked into your very core.

As the last bit of light soaks into your heart centre you feel it rise up out of you into a pillar of light that reaches up to the heavens.

You start to rise up until you find yourself at the top of the pillar, you are surrounded by light fluffy clouds supported and nurtured.

You quickly realise that you can walk on the clouds and you head towards an angel who has been waiting for you, as you approach them they open their arms to embrace you.

The feeling of love and peace that you feel is immense as the angel wraps their wings around you.

There is time for you to communicate with your angel for a while.

When you feel ready, thank your angel and make your way back to the pillar of light.  You feel yourself slowly descending until you find yourself back in the room; you feel your seat beneath you.

As you sit there you imagine yourself being handed a lovely big piece of jet crystal.

When you are ready you open your eyes.




This healing guided meditation should leave you feeling full of love and peace.




Love and Light