I asked my spirit guides if we could have some general guidance that will relate to us all at the moment. Things that are meant for us all as a collective, after all remember, we are all ONE!

This is what they gave me:

They tell me that in the past there were few light workers here on the Earth Plane, they have always kept the connection for the rest of us and they have generally been great world leaders.

In the past eight years  lots more light workers have been woken up.

The mere fact that you are reading this tells me you are a light worker! It is time for us to listen and follow our paths to help others.

Spirt is helping give light workers insight as to what their pathways are. A lot of light workers have recently changed their paths or have a knowing that they need to change direction right now.

Embrace this time of growth, don’t be afraid to cut ties with the past and step forwards with a new found freedom. Some of us have been tested by cutting ties when the path ahead is not clear but we must keep focused and know that the change will come after a period of stillness. After all, if there is no room for growth because it is full of the old, then growth cannot happen.

Others of us are being presented with things from the past and again we need to let them come up and let them go, then we can move forwards. These light workers need to let go once and for all, forgive themselves and others the things from the past, throw it into the fire and fill it with love and the move forwards will be easier than holding onto it for sure.

Some of us will be letting old friends go out of our lives as we become lighter and freer, this is okay, don’t let them hold you back, for we cannot be responsible for others.

Just step forwards and enjoy the path of service you have chosen and KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVE AND LOVE IS ALL AROUND.

Love and Light


© Rachel Rendell