Moving on from relationships and how tie cutting can help.

Sometimes we think we have moved on from a relationship but are unaware that the way we live our lives can still be governed by how we were in a previous relationship.
It can be very subtle and can easily be missed but it is there under the surface, affecting the way we are with each other.

How many people have you seen drive a wedge between them and their partner because they are so insecure and worried that they are going to have an affair behind their backs? They end up being so paranoid and untrusting that they can go from relationship to relationship carrying the same insecurities, repeating the same pattern.
If you were to look at their past relationships you would find that at some stage they (or sometimes their parents) had had a partner that had “gone behind their backs” and the relationship ended without laying things to rest, therefore making it really hard to move on and heal from the whole experience. Over time they would think they had got over it but it is still there affecting them, under the surface.

This is when tie cutting would help. It would help to release the old patterns that hold us to each other.

Ties are energy, vibrations that are between us so it is very simple but very effective to release ourselves by tie cutting.

If we spend a lot of time thinking about someone, good or bad, we are creating new ties between us, this is why we should cut ties on a regular basis, especially if someone is in your thoughts a lot. This is so with all relationships in our lives, be it partners, children, friends or pets.

I have used tie cutting a lot in my life and have helped lots of my clients with it, so if you think it could help you feel free to get in touch.

Love and Light