It’s through our pain and suffering that we grow. When we are going through the suffering we are not thankful for the experience, but when we are out the other side and we look back, we realise how much stronger we have become. 

I say this because this morning I felt true love for myself, deep within my heart.

The first time I felt it was about three or four years ago and it meant so much to me because I had been on a long journey of self hate all of my life. But I had worked hard on myself and finally that day I was rewarded. 

I had detested what was inside and out. At my worst I couldn’t look in the mirror and I certainly didn’t have my photograph taken. First I worked on loving what was inside and slowly I liked what I found. Then came the hard bit. Loving the outside. I introduced mirrors into my home and so the self healing began! 

This morning when I felt that love for myself I decided to take a selfie and tell the world 

“I love who I am” 

I wanted to share this with you all to show that if we face our fears and walk head on into the things that make us feel uncomfortable, we can conquer anything! 

Feel free to post in the comments, your experiences and how they have helped you grow or get in touch if you need a little spiritual coaching to help you along your pathway. 

Love and light

Rachelselfie 2015