Be aware of the spirit world sending us the energy and guidance from the animal kingdom.

They could come to you by a bird or animal coming into your daily space, either in your garden or whilst you are taking a walk down the road or through the park. Or you could see pictures on advertising boards, in magazines etc that just seem to jump out at you.

Once they are in your awareness, take a few minutes to close your eyes and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. What is the animal telling you. Don’t doubt what you felt or thought.

Now think about the characteristics of the animal, because this is what they have come to help you with.

They can even come to you in meditation as I was lucky enough to have a tiger come to me just last week. I can feel his encouragement to be who I truly am.

Feel free to get in touch if you need a little help listening to the message your power animal is bringing you.

Remember to give thanks to them for coming into your life.

Tiger photo