Attracting Love set


Attracting Love set.

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Carrying or wearing certain crystals can help us to love ourselves and to attract love to us. 

The following is a set I have picked to attract love in various ways. 

  • Rose Quartz: A stone of unconditional love & infinite peace it promotes self love.
  • Fluorite: opens and aligns the heart chakra
  • Aventurine: Promotes a feeling of wellbeing helping you to feel positive. 
  • Citrine: brings an abundance of happiness
  • Tree Agate: Helps with self esteem
  • Blue Calcite: Aids clear communication within a relationship.

Other crystals you might like to consider:
Lepidolite: To help carry you forward into the future & aid you in standing in your own space.
Rhodochrosite: Helps bring your soulmate into your life by helping you to let go of repressed feelings to heal.
Chrysocolla: Increases personal power & used in the heart chakra it heals heartache & increases the capacity to love. 

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