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Crystal workshops


Join Rachel in a small group for a day of learning at a crystal workshop.

Workshops are usually run on Saturday’s and Sunday’s 10-4pm

Remember to contact me to book a place before paying online.

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Crystal workshop

Come and enjoy the energy and be energised by Crystals.

We will start the day by putting our protection in place, connecting our roots to the earth and our branches out to the universe.
Link into the energy of crystals and learn how to feel them resonate with your Chakras.
Relax and go on a journey with the crystal meditation.
Break for lunch – Please bring your own lunch
After lunch you will experience crystal healing and learn how to give crystal healing to others.
We will finish by sharing our experiences of the day and giving our thanks to the spirit world.
Please feel free to bring your own crystals with you if you have a special connection to one in particular.
If you have your own crystal pendulum then please bring this along as we will be using crystal pendulums for the crystal healing.


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