Please note: My current wait for all appointments is approx 29 weeks.

Reiki Attunement deposit


If you wish to book a Reiki Attunement I ask for a deposit to secure your place.

Please note that this is non-returnable if you cancel within 10 days of the attunement date.

Remember to contact me to arrange a date before paying online.


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Reiki Attunement deposit

Reiki Seichem Level One

At this level you will be attuned to Seichem/Reiki level one which enables you to give self healing and healing to family and friends.

Reiki Seichem Level Two

Seichem/Reiki level two connects you to your higher thought patterns and opens your heart to love and compassion. It can enhance your psychic abilities and help you to enter a meditative state easier. Attunement to level two will enable you to become a Reiki practioner.
We will discuss your journey with Reiki so far before proceeding with the attunements to Reiki Seichem Two and Yod.
To qualify to be attuned to Seichem/Reiki two you will need a Reiki one certificate and at least a four month gap should be given between Reiki one and two attunements.

Please note that this is non-returnable within 10 days of the attunement date.

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Reiki Deposit

Level 1, Level 2


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