Please note: My current wait for all appointments is approx 29 weeks.

Tie Cutting workshops


Join Rachel in a small group for a mini workshop on spiritual tie cutting.

Workshops are usually run on weekday evenings 7.30pm -9.30pm

Remember to contact me to book a place before paying online.

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Tie Cutting workshop

Come and learn to cut the spiritual ties that hold you back.

On this mini workshop you will learn what ties are, who to cut them with and through meditation you will be guided through cutting ties in a safe supported environment.

You will take away with you the ability to stop others affecting you, giving you a new found freedom!

Ties or cords are purely made of energy that keep you connected to those who have been, or are in your life.
You can’t see them with your eyes but you can be aware of them in your minds eye. They are etheric, subtle strands of energy, created by our thoughts and intentions towards each other as we go about our lives. Just as a baby is connected to their mother in the womb by an umbilical these spiritual cords of energy keep us connected.


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