Connect with your guide in this beautiful meditation.

Before you begin, light some candles and cleanse the room with incense, maybe put on some calming music.

Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the ground, and wrapping around a beautiful, clear quartz crystal.

Draw the light up your roots to fill your whole body with the healing energy, now imagine your arms as branches reaching out into the universe and drawing in the universal love and light. Draw this energy down into your body through your crown chakra and feel it energising your whole being.

With a few deep breaths, expand your aura outwards as far as you can grow it, above and below you, to your right and to your left, in front and behind you. When you have grown your aura as large as you can grow it, imagine a protective bubble of pure brilliant white light all around you.


Now you find yourself standing on a path at the bottom of a hill, there in the distance at the top of the hill you can see a beautiful Temple. You feel drawn to slowly make your way along the path, up the hill to the Temple. As you get close you can see the beauty of the door to the Temple, you stand and gaze at its splendour before making your way inside.


As you step inside there is a marble floor as far as the eye can see and the space is vast, but you feel calm and safe and peaceful here. You take a look around and in the middle of the room is a large table, sitting at the table is your guide, you pull up a chair and sit down at the table with them. You may want to chat for a while or simply sit and enjoy your surroundings. After a while your guide tells you that you can choose a gift from the table, to take back with you and you choose carefully.


It is time to thank your guide for the gift and for you leave the Temple, you slowly get to your feet and make your way out of the Temple, back down the hill until you find yourself back at the bottom, standing on the pathway, back where you started your journey, now you feel your seat beneath you. It is time to come back into the room and when you are ready, open your eyes.


Love and Light Rachel


© Rachel Rendell