I am respectful but very difficult to convince.
I have been booking in for reiki and readings with Rachel for 3 years now.
To enter her immaculate, peaceful private, silent home is like entering a space to receive the highest intention of concentration and the most astonishing gift from Rachel as she humbly imparts her efforts making you feel like her only client. Rachel’s energy and presence is of pure simple giving with no ego. In readings she is staggeringly accurate, precise, succinct time and time again. In reiki she just knows exactly how and where you hurt whether it be emotionally, physically or psychologically. She finds the balance between being completely professional and yet caring towards you.
What a wonder and how lucky are we to have her skill in our home county. If the media ever got hold of her she would be too in demand for us here!
Thank you Rachel for your knowledge, unassuming healing and for my messages from those in spirit handled so delicately by you that I have held close and dear to me.
If you are lucky enough to get in to see Rachel the wait will be the most worthy one.