Are you aware of birds bringing you messages from the spirit world?

Take a moment to observe the birds that come into your garden or are hopping along side you when you are out and about. They are bringing us messages from the spirit world. 

The Robin signifies change, new growth and gently encourages you to let go of old dramas. So be aware when a Robin flies into your life, for he is encouraging you to move forwards with faith and trust in what is best for you. 

The Magpie comes in to help give you the strength to speak your truth. It’s time to speak up and allow yourself to be noticed. Time to let go of material things and listen to what your heart and soul are calling out for. Magpie will help you to bring about new opportunities whilst standing in your own space. 

The Starling comes with a “wake up call” it’s time to allow a new cycle to begin and allow the old to go. Starling is reminding you that you have to let go of the old to allow in the new. Starling also reminds us to live in harmony and work as a team with those around us but at the same time showing us the importance of our role within the family group. If Starling appears in your life, take a little time to reflect on your behaviour and the part you play. 

robin photo      magpie photo      starling photo