Time is a funny old thing. We leave the things that we don’t want to do, we keep putting them off because “we will do it another time”.

We use our busy lives as an excuse not to visit or catch up with those we should because “we can see them another time!”

But faced with the knowledge that time is running out we clamour to cram as much in to the time we have left.

You only have to watch human behaviour in a supermarket to see how a lot of us perceive time. We can wander around making our choices like we have all the time in the world, but once our choices are made we must go through the checkout as quick as possible or we get annoyed at having to wait in a queue.

If we lived day by day and in the moment and treated every second with our loved ones as our last then I’m sure we would perceive time to be very different.

Just for today be aware of how you perceive time and bring yourself into the moment whenever you feel your thoughts stray to the past or future.

Love and light. Rachel


clock photo

Photo by Vincent Albanese cc Rachel Rendell