Five things to move your life forwards!


Stop living in the past!

You are in charge of your life so concentrate your thoughts on the now, not whats behind you.

Cut ties!

Cut the spiritual cords that hold you to people who are, or have been, in your life.


Book yourself a session of healing with a healing practitioner.


Just that, accept the things you feel are holding you where you are. This in turn will release you.


Be aware of negativity and change it to positivity and you will leap forwards with nothing to hold you back

Feelings of anxiety about a situation that have not arisen, need to be recognised and stopped. All the time you are worrying that something bad is going is to happen, you are creating the situation with your mind.

We have all said ” I am dreading doing such and such” or ” I know I won’t enjoy it but I have to go to the party anyway”. These thought patterns are creating a negative out come.

Try to step back, calm yourself and visualise the outcome of the situation, how you want it to be.

Then all the time you are doing this, you are creating a positive outcome to the situation.

Put these changes in place and you will soon start to feel and see the benefits of being positive, accepting things as they are and allowing yourself to move forwards in life.

Words and vibration

We are made of energy which vibrates at certain frequencies. Different parts of us vibrate at different levels. The higher and clearer our energy vibrates, the healthier and happier we feel.

Words have a vibration too, whether they be spoken, thought or written.

Look at these words. How do they make you feel:


Now how do these words make you feel:


Can you feel what I mean?

As you were reading the negative words, could you feel your mood changing, pulling you down, and could you feel the positive words resonate with you and lift you up?

Words in everyday life.

Try to be mindful of the words you use when talking to people, thinking about people or writing, emailing or texting. Words can be powerful and when used through anger can be destructive, so try to be kind to people, whether it be directly to them or talking about them.

Lets think about our names, some people like to use nicknames or their middle names because they don’t like their given name. This is because they feel the uncomfortable vibration and can’t get on with it but mostly they are unaware of why they feel this way.

So choose carefully next time you are naming a child, pet or even your house. Think long and hard about how the name makes you feel, does it feel right for the baby, pet or home?

So why is it important to use positive words over negative?

If you are constantly negative you are creating a negative atmosphere in and around your entire being and eventually the negativity can bring about illness and depression.

Positivity and love however enables your being to resonate at a higher vibration, keeping you happy and well balanced.

If you want to do a little experiment to see for yourself the effects that positive and negative have, you can take two identical clean jam jars and put a little cooked rice in them, seal the lids and stick the words ” love” on one jar and “hate” on the other. Leave them for a fortnight then have a look and see the difference. I think you will be surprised to say the least. The one with Hate written on it will be black and mouldy and the one that has love written on it will still look good enough to eat.

I hope these words help you to stop and think about the words you use day to day and may you be surrounded by peace love and harmony.