I truly believe that our souls choose to come to the Earth Plane many times over. I view each lifetime as an opportunity to learn and grow, moving closer to enlightenment as we do so.

Many of us think we have made “mistakes” along the way, often the same “mistake” time and time again. But once we realise what we are doing “wrong” we stop making them, enabling us to learn and grow from the situation, breaking the pattern.  Therefore “mistakes” are merely lessons we take on our journey to enlightenment.

I also believe that we choose which lessons we want to learn before we come into each lifetime, but we can opt out at any time during each lifetime, ie if things are getting too tough we can leave them for another time.

One of the most important things to be aware of as we walk our paths, is that WE are in charge, WE are creating our lives with our minds! I have said it before and I will say it again ” police your thoughts, for they can be unruly and negative if left to roam unguided!”

The other is to live your life from the heart not the head. Actions taken through the heart are from a place of love but often the head jades our view of what makes us happy and we can get caught up in striving out of greed and self importance, and before you know it you have pushed away the very thing that makes us happy, Love!

These are purely my beliefs and feelings which have helped me on my journey so far and which I felt I wanted to share with you all. Please feel free to post your views and feelings here because often, hearing other peoples experiences and views can help clarify things in your own mind.

Love and Light